River (Retired)

Adult Female Bernese Mountain Dog

River: Adult female Bernese Mountain Dog
BornJanuary 24, 2012
Weight95 lbs.
OFA HipsGood
RegistriesAKC Registered
CKC Registered

River is a very Beautiful girl we purchased as a pup from our great friend, Patricia in Ontario, Canada to live with us here at the Sweetwater Farms ranch. She is a stocky girl—is more like the Berners you saw in the Old World. She is not tall and lanky. But, substantial in substance and has the drafty type build. She has high white and loves to prance around. Her paws and legs are thick and sturdy. Her hair is slightly wavy and easy to care for.

River loves to play with her many toys and coax us through her many antics to join her in a game. She is quite irresistible when she does this. River loves the snow and in the summer the kiddie pool full of fresh, cool, clean water is really her happy thing. She loves to stay right by my side—prancing with a big ol' smile on her adorable Berner face to do whatever task is at hand that day. River is a confident dog—not a shy girl. She walks right up to people and introduces herself, "Hi, I'm River and you are?" She is a joy to be with!

River is a full sister to Rio—same mother, same father—two years later. We were so crazy about Rio that we wanted to obtain as many as we could from this wonderful pair before their breeding career was over.


River's Mother

River's Mother is Nellar—She came from many Champion Dogs! Her mother is Verushka a direct Import from Slovakia. She has very strong and substantial bone structure. Her personality is bubbly and cheerful. At the present time she is being shown in rings all across Canada. Her grandfather is JgBs, 2xCACA, CACIB Winning A "Certificate D Aptitude Aau Championate International de Beaute" in the Federation Cynoloque Internationale (International Breed Club). What an Impressive and Spectacular European Import.

River's Father

River's Father is Dominique Benoit—He is registered with FCI in France and the CKC. He is a very striking masculine male with very thick sturdy bone structure, and a very powerful body with a sweet expression. His chest is deep and capacious and well sprung. His neck is strong and muscular. His top line is level from the withers to the croup. His back is broad and firm. His expression is intelligent, gentle and animated. His temperament is good natured, alert and very self confident. His profile is a beautiful picture of strength and harmony. He was Imported from France and comes from The Best Winning Kennel in France for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. His Father is a French Champion. There are many, many Champions in his background. Lines in his background include , Champion Zeus Von Pralend, Darius Van't Rijkenspark. His grandfather—Champion Twinny was Champion International De Beaute and Champion De France De Conformite Au Standard. His grandmother was Champion Sure D'Elle and Champion International De Beaute. Wow, how fortunate we are to have such progeny from these great dogs!!

River's Grandmother

Her Grandmother Verushka came from Cierne Kralovstovo in Slovakia. Was Imported in 2005. She is a powerful girl. Big and Impressive in stature and has a fairly serious look to her.

River's Grandfather

Her Grandfather, Daiko, was imported from Samaika Nest in Belgium and became a Canadian Champion in 3 weekends! Something unheard of previous to him! A living doll and very impressive to behold. His temperament is second to none. Photos are included of all the dogs I speak of.