Lucien (Retired)

Adult Male Bernese Mountain Dog

BornDecember 23, 1015
Weight160 lbs.
OFA HipsGood
RegistriesAKC Registered

We are so happy and proud to announce Lucien to you!

Many years back we found out about this wonderful and amazing kennel in France that was reported to have some of The World's Best Bernese. So, being the top kennel producing the most Champions in all of Europe, of course we were all over that! We contacted them initially wanting to know what their breeding schedule was and kind of poke around and see if they would even consider us as a possibility to own one of their marvelous, stellar dogs?? At the first they were wondering and asking, "Who are you??" It was kind of hard to explain to them who we were because we really are nobody to them at all, LOL. We weren't going to try to make ourselves look like anything we were not, so we just told them the truth... we were lovers of Bernese and had been involved with the breed for 20 years. Since we're always scan the big ol' world for stellar dogs, that is how they came onto our radar screen. We told them of our great desire to produce the strongest dogs we could find for everyday American families to enjoy. They weren't  that impressed! LOL some more. We gave it our best shot. We got with them twice a year to just express to them our desire to have one of their best lines for a stud dog to put to our girls. I would encourage them to check out our website so they could see what we were about and kind of get know us a little better. Every year I got with them hoping they might consider us as a good, safe place for one of their gorgeous pups. We did this for six years!

Then something amazing happened! I got with them like I normally did and he said to me, "Oh Yes, I remember you! We did look at your website and checked you out. We have saved you a lovely male puppy for your breeding program. We think you will be quite pleased with him as he is quite handsome." Well! Blow me down and call me Shorty! I nearly fell off my chair!! I'm pretty sure I thanked him more then maybe I needed to? We had never talked about price or how the pup would get here? I asked how much I would need to send him as I reached for my first born which I was willing to send, LOL. I must say I was slightly jolted - but, quickly regained my composure and thought to myself - "This is what money is for!" - - - Oh, and keep in mind one really important thing . . . they speak only French . . . we speak only English. So, communicating was hmmmm, challenging! We used Google Translation through out the years in communicating with them. But, when they told us they had a puppy for us - it got serious and we no longer trusted Google because of things like this - - - " Okay Tracy, we wanted to tell you this very important information, Bus Station - Bus Station???" - - - What? This made it so we needed to hire a translator who charged 100. for every so many words - like 36 words or something like that? Then, we hired a Escort Service out of New York that helped assist him safely from France to Seattle. When the actual day came for him to arrive - we were all so incredibly excited! We drove the six hour journey to Seattle - got there on time to Lufthansa Airlines - waited for him to disboard - went to Customs to get our paperwork all in order - paid the lawyers to stamp the papers for whatever reasons we do not know - but, did that - and finally, finally got the precious French Cargo!! There he was just as beautiful as you please - wondering who we were?? We hugged and kissed him - gave him some fresh water and food - just loved on him and he waddled along looking like, " this is great!" This is how Lucien got here. 

Now we want to describe Lucien's inside a bit - - - 

He takes everything in stride - nothing jolts or surprises him. He is really good at just chilling with us.  He loves to go for long walks with us. In the Spring & Summer we walk everyday to one of our larger ponds - its the just right distance to go and not get too tired. The water runs pretty good through it. This water comes from some Natural Springs that are fed by really cold, underground, mountain water. Even in the Summer that water will take your breath away! Even if it is a Sizzling hot Summer Day and you just jump in, it's freezing cold. Oh the top 3" is warm  - anything under that is like barely melted Ice Cubes! Paralyzing cold!! - - - All this description to say, everyday well before the whole "Pack" gets to the waters edge - Lucien runs ahead of us all and all out jumps in! He just does a wild, free willy type jump and swims all around in the Icy Water as if a Room Service Butler has prepared it just for him! He loves it! Yes out when he is good and ready - stands on the little beachy area and shakes all the water off with gusto - water flying 15 feet in every direction. Then he comes running up to me - grabs one of my legs with his big ol' paws and looks at me like, "Give me a Hug! I'm happy! And a hug from you will finish off my day perfectly!" Sometimes after the hug he will jump back in! Brrrr. I am totally  convinced if I walked him to the ponds in the fall when it was 30 degrees or in the early Winter when it was 15 degrees - he would still jump in! I am sure he would. And love it just the same as he does in the Summer, LoL , Yah I do!

That is a bit of Lucien on the inside - now here is a description of Lucien on the outside

- - - 

I can tell you first off Lucien is one Hunk of Gorgeous Dog!! At two years of age he weighs a very fit and solid 160 lbs. He is the largest Bernese I have ever seen! I mean Big, Super Sized, Extra Large and Gigantic. In spite of his large size - he moves quite nicely - smooth and fluid. His legs are thick and support his body nicely. His feet are also tight an well sprung - not sloppy and loose. His hair has a nice loose wave to it and a marvelous sheen. His head is big and square. Muzzle short and well matched with his wide head. he reminds me of a lion in some ways - as his muscles ripple as he walks and he walks slowly, placing each paw on the ground a lot like I have seen lions walking on Nature Documentaries. He is distinctly masculine and exudes a cool confidence. His colors are sharp in contrast and strikingly gorgeous against once another. 

I can say with all confidence he is worthy to be a Sire of many fine litters here at Sweetwater Farms Bernese. We are over joyed that Francois trusted us with one of his Stellar Pups! Thank you Francois and Thank you France.

As A Puppy


Lucien's Father

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Lucien's Mother

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