Adult Male Bernese Mountain Dog

BornDecember 6, 2019
Weight130 lbs.
OFA HipsGood
RegistriesAKC Registered

My husband and I were overjoyed we were going to be receiving a puppy for our Breeding Program soon! We had been waiting for him for quite sometime!

We often drive to the SeaTac airport in Seattle, WA to pick up our puppies since they come in from Europe, usually on Lufthansa Airlines. We first see them when we have them walk out of their crate and into our arms. When this puppy came out of his crate to merrily greet us, it was abundantly obvious this fellow was Thick! I mean his legs were like tree trunks! A very thick and sturdy fellow! - So, upon my first sight of him his name became quite obvious... Timber! And he liked it.

As time has gone on, he has not disappointed! He is not your lightweight Bernese. But, rather is of the sturdiest design—easy going and chill. His hair is Wow Gorgeous! Thick and Long, has absolutely no curl to it whatsoever.His legs are straight and well aligned. His teeth and ears are well set and perfectly right. His top line is straight. His personality is pure gold. He gets along with all living things and is always Happy and Cheerful.

Timber sired several Stellar Litters for us. His puppies are just like him, gentle and calm. Honestly, we feel so fortunate to have Timber. He brings all that we desired and hoped for in our puppies! Thank you Timber, Our Love.